Mustang Football

Mira Costa has a long tradition of success on the field and in the classroom.  Mira Costa takes pride in our athletes and our athletic program.  Our athletes are first and foremost students. We reward athletes who have a weighted grade point average of 3.3 or above, with a Scholar Athlete Certificate at the end of the season.
Coach Don Morrow and Team

    The Ultimate Mustang is an aspiration and an ideal. It's not necessarily a perfect athlete but, rather, a person who possesses the depth of character that Coach Morrow and other staff would hope to recruit and develop to put winning teams on the field and strong young men into the community. 
”Our system relies upon getting great mileage out of ever person on the entire team,” Coach Morrow explains, "and taking the kids who may not be the superior athletes, but because of the work they are willing to put in, and the way they are willing to play together, they act as a superior team. 

“When you see the guys in the summer, and all of their friends are at the beach, but they’re inside that weight room, putting in three and four hours of work that's so hard, and they're making that sacrifice that's what I consider the 'Ultimate Mustang! 

”These are the guys who are always looking out for their teammates, who are pulling for their teammates, spotting them on the weights, and backing them up on the field. They are always willing to do all of the work, and don’t mind doing all of the work, because they have a true love for all the work. 

They need to be there for one another, trying to work through something difficult together, wanting to make something truly special happen for everyone to share. That's what produces a rare camaraderie and something valuable they'll each possess for the rest of their lives." 

- Head Coach Don Morrow
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